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Puppies & Adults Available

We have no puppies or adults available at this time. We do plan two breedings for late this fall/early winter. Check back here or on our Facebook page for updates.

We've seen Facebook posts for several dogs lost shortly after leaving for their new homes. All adults will come with either an APPLE Airtag or if your phone is not an Apple, another GPS monitor.


Breeding Philosophy

We never breed simply to have puppies. Our emphasis is on producing Quality, not Quantity. Each breeding is carefully planned, not only in the hopes of producing outstanding show prospects, but even more importantly, healthy, well adjusted puppies that you (and we) can live with. All homes are screened to ensure the compatibility of the puppy and people. We want both you and the puppy to be happy with each other. After all, Shelties generally live to 12 years old. That's a long time to enjoy each other.

We provide a written contract with each puppy or adult placed. We don't have a zillion question form for you to fill out if you're interested in one of our puppies or adults. Simply drop us an email, tell us about yourself and we will "chat" a bit.

All puppies will have at least their first shot and worming. Rear dew claws are removed from the puppies but the front dew claws are left on. Why? Because the front dew claws are used fo stability and help dogs to gain traction when they make quick turns. Since we often sell to agility and obedience homes, the front dew claws are left on.

Companion puppies are $2,600 which includes the AKC registration fee. Adult prices are by private contract and based upon various factors including the age of the adult. Please contact us if you are interested in one of our puppies or adults.

One of the requirements of an AKC Breeder of Merit is to ensure that ALL puppies from a litter are registered with AKC. Therefore, if you are purchasing a puppy, part of the process is to fill out the registration paperwork and submit it to AKC. Please have your puppy's registered name selected when you come to pick him/her up. (All our puppies' registered names begin with our kennel name - "Istari.") All adults will come with either an APPLE Airtag or if your phone is not an Apple, another GPS monitor.

Show prospects are occasionally available to active participants in conformation. If they are under 6 months of age, they are priced at pet price now and another $1,500 when they take their first AKC/CKC point, finish any AKC title, finish a UKC championship or are bred. We remain co-owners on the registration until the full price is paid. OR $4,000 outright at the time of placement (no co-ownership) & no future payments. On the rare occasion we have a show prospect over six months of age, contact us for more information.

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