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We've started a new page to share pictures of the friends who have gotten Istari puppies and adults. Pictures will be updated as you send them and more will be added as we make new friends. If you've bought a Sheltie or Eskie from us, we'd love to include your pictures.

Spector- owned by Mike & Tammy Trembly
Ringo- owned by Mike & Tammy Trembly
Istari Buckaroo Duffy OA, OAJ, NF, CGC - owned by Deborah Ward
David Heron with Voodoo.
Gene and Diana Dieckhoner with Clue & Stevie.
Diana with Stevie.
Gene with Clue.
Mike & Tamara Trembley's leash chewer has grown up. Now the leash he carries belongs to his cousin, Spector.
Ringo - bi blue; Mike & Tamara Trembley's new leash chewer.
Bode - bi black; Robert & Laura Horner's Sheltie.
George - bi blue; Debra Nems new puppy.
Lucy (bi black) with Jim Cooper and friends.
Perry, Randy's new show puppy.
Colby, Rachel's new show puppy.
Spector, Tamera & Mike's new agility & herding prospect.
U-Ch. Istari-Kapalua Alpine Lace - Vera Riggs's champion
Molly, Danielle's new Eskie puppy.
Phantom, Laurel's new Sheltie puppy.
China Rose, Michelle Pitts new show puppy.
Ben & Diedre's new Eskie puppy.