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Below are pictures of Edward growing up. As you can see, except for his coloring, he was kind of a non-descript puppy early on. His potential becomes apparent in the 3 month picture. The 9 and 14 month pictures show a very young dog that needs maturing. And, you can see this maturing in the following pictures. The last photo shows a young mature Sheltie.

By the way, it might interest you to know that Edward was consistently 1/4' over the Sea Isle chart until 5 months of age. Then, he was 1/2" over. But, he never "looked" big and was always very balanced. His adult height is 15 3/4". We think he was worth our taking a chance.

7 weeks 3 months

9 months 14 months

16 months 17 months
2 years

3 years

BISS AKC Ch & UKC GrCH Istari Midnight Sun "Edward"