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GCHB Trilliant Coming In Hot

GCHB Blue Heavens Top Gun x Trilliant Leather And Lace


Our Maverick son, Viper, comes to us through the generosity of Stephanie Trautman-Riley - Trilliant Shelties. He's moderate and super sweet, a great house dog as well as show dog.

At 10 months of age he finished his AKC championship with 4 major wins! He then earned 18 of the 25 points needed for his Grand Championship - including the majors and competition wins required. He has finished his Grand Champion Bronze level all before 2 years old! He is pictured here with Janell Lowman.

Viper is 14 1/4" tall and does not appear to be white factored. He is at stud to fully tested bitches - including DMS testing. We require progesterone testing for shipped semen breedings. Click here to see his pedigree. Viper has litters growing up at Shenell Shelties (7 puppies) and Sunnyvale Shelties (6 puppies).

DMS: aaBB 002.001/002.001(low risk)
Hips: OFA prelim Fair
Eyes: Normal
MDR1: Clear/Normal
VWD3: Clear/Normal
DM: Clear/Normal
Full Dentition



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