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Below you will find links to our pet contracts (Sheltie and Eskie) as well as to our stud dog contract. These contracts are designed to protect you, as the buyer; us as the sellers; and to ensure the welfare of the dogs. If you wish clarification of anything in a contract or you wish to know WHY we have a particular requirement in a contract, please email us - using the link at the bottom of the page.

These contracts are not written in stone. They are always evolving based upon our experience, etc. Should you wish other terms in any contract, again - email us. We do not promise we will change, but we will always listen to your point of view and will give it careful consideration.

Contracts for show prospects are individually designed based upon the age and training of the dog as well as the desires of both us and the purchaser. Therefore, we do not post copies of these on-line. Should you wish to inquire about a show prospect, please email us.

Sheltie Puppy Contract

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