Hobby Sites

Dog or cat breeders who have *occasional* litters are considered hobby sites. All pages include photos, copy, email link and each site includes your own domain name. Initial set up costs:

Splash Page: 1 Page - $75.00

Small Website: 4 Pages - $225.00

Medium Website: 5-8 Pages - $375.00

Large Website: 8+ Pages -$375.00 plus $50 per page above 8 pages.

Commercial Site quotes available upon request

* Updates: $25.00 per page

* Special Graphics: $50.00 per hour

* Total website overhaul: $35.00 per hour

* Rates do not include website hosting costs.

There are a variety of web hosting sources available. We use Yahoo for small hobby sites and most commercial website hosting.

Istari will design most any type of website - hobby or commercial. However we reserve the right to refuse pornographic or other socially unexceptable sites.